Crime down for Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The number of crime reports in Grand Junction is on the downswing for the first time in three years.

The Grand Junction Police Department released its annual crime and traffic report.

2013 saw 9,995 reported crimes compared to 10,698 in 2012. The lowest recent number was back in 2010 at 9,622.

The Regional Communications Center did get 3,000 more calls in 2013 than 2012.

"Really the majority of what police officers handle isn't even criminal," said Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper. "That's calls about a lot of different things. Disturbances and traffic issues and all kinds of things."

The number of thefts as well as auto break-ins dropped, which Chief Camper said affect the most people in the area.

"That's attributable to some pretty darn good police work," he said. "There's not a week goes by that i'm not hearing about one of our officers arresting somebody else who has broken into a car."

There were more robberies in 2013, but Chief Camper said there was an increase in shoplifters charged with robbery after fighting with security guards.

There were more cases of sexual assault on a child as the police department debuted a new system that notifies them when someone downloads child pornography.

Grand Junction saw fewer DUI arrests and traffic tickets, but more traffic accidents and fatalities than 2012.

Chief Camper said the department had to cut back its traffic team because of staffing issues, but he's hoping to get more officers on the road for 2014.

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