Crosswalk safety crucial as school year begins

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) --- As the first day of the Fall Semester at Colorado Mesa University kicks off, it is important that students remember how to utilize crosswalks.

The City of Grand Junction reported that so far in 2013, 13 pedestrians have been hit by cars while attempting to cross the street. Three of those incidents happened near the CMU campus.

Sergeant Pua Utu, with the Grand Junction Police Department, said to make sure pedestrians look both ways before crossing the street and to use crosswalks correctly in order to stay out of harms way.

Getting hurt is not the only thing to be worried about, as the GJPD fines people who do not use the crosswalks correctly.

The citation most often issued is to people who disregard the "Walk/Don't Walk" signal, which will land them a $50 ticket. If their negligence results in an accident, the fine will increase to $87.

According to the GJPD, repeat offenders could also face community service.

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