Culinary students feel the heat at competition

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Some local culinary students are celebrating a victory after winning a cooking competition.

Western Colorado Community College played host once again to the annual Colorado American Culinary Federation junior team competition.

"It's a different way of looking at cooking and a different way of presenting food than you would in a normal restaurant. portion sizes are different, nutritional balances are different," said Travis James, a WCCC culinary student.

WCCC's varsity team came in first place against the school's junior varsity team as well as teams from the Denver Art Institute and Pueblo Community College.

20 students were tested on their execution of certain cooking skills as well as their preparation of a four course meal.

The plates were judged on taste and presentation in addition to team work.

"I enjoy the pressure a lot and i love really just cooking and producing something extraordinary for somebody out there," James said.

WCCC's winning team will continue on to a regional competition in Oakland, Calif.

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