District 51 asks students to keep springtime attire appropriate

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. This week's warm temperatures have children digging out summer clothes, but there are some rules to remember before wearing shorts and tank tops to school.

"Schools probably do see a little bit more in the springtime just because we're just getting everything our of our closet, bringing back out the summer, warm clothes," said District 51 Spokesperson Christy Mcgee, of dress code violations.

District 51's handbook states clothing shouldn't take away from a distraction-free classroom.

It's up to the individual schools to create specific dress code policies.

"For the school to say, this is what we want to do, this is what we've noticed in our culture, this is what will help us and this is how we want to establish our culture," Mcgee said.

Overall, District 51 recommends checking the length of shorts or width of tank top straps to avoid being too revealing in the classroom.

"I make sure skirts and shorts aren't too short, make sure you can't see her underwear or bras through anything, make sure her chest is covered," said Amy Baker, whose 14-year-old daughter goes to West Middle School.

A school in Illinois made headlines recently for a policy that doesn't allow girls to wear leggings or yoga pants without a shirt, skirt or dress covering to fingertip length.

District 51 school policies don't have written rules about these kinds of pants.

Parents with questions about policies can contact specific schools.

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