D51's Superintendent earns a raise

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The District 51 School Board decides to award the superintendent with a hearty raise after years of budget cuts.

Steve Schultz signed his new contract Tuesday night, reenlisting himself to be the superintendent for District 51 for another three years.

Along with his new contract, he'll be receiving an additional $13,000 dollar salary bump upping his pay to an even $160,000 dollars annually.

"Compensation needs to happen, it's important I think sometimes for the school district to have stability in leadership,” says Steve Schultz.

The superintendent's previous contract stipulations state they he should have been earning $170,000 thousand dollars by 2014 but he opted out of annuals raises promised to him in the face of tight budgeting options.

School Board officials say that relative to other superintendents across the state, Schultz is making considerably less and they're lucky to have him on staff for another three years.

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