DA not dropping marijuana cases after A64 vote

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Amendment 64 passed here in Colorado, prompting district attorney's across the state to start dropping marijuana cases.

In Boulder, the DA announced Wednesday that he would be dropping all cases of drug possession against people 21 and over caught with less than an ounce of pot.

But here in Mesa County, District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said that won't be happening.

"As I stand here today it is still against the law in the state of Colorado to posses less than an ounce of marijuana if you don't have a card, so I intend to keep doing my job," Hautzinger said.

Hautzinger said zero cases will be dropped, and until the secretary of state ratifies and certifies the passing of Amendment 64, Mesa County will still prosecute marijuana offenders.

That means all pre- existing cases will also still be tried.

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