DDA's survey to build downtown housing

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Downtown Development Authority or DDA wants to build more housing in downtown Grand Junction. Recently, housing has become one of its top priorities and now they want to do more research before plans are made. On Monday, they launched a new survey to see what type of housing residents want to see.

The survey was sent to downtown businesses and selected residents to see how they feel about more housing. However, anyone can take it.

Executive Director of the DDA, Harry Weiss, said there are many benefits to having more residential living downtown. He said, "It takes a commercial district and it turns it into a 24/7 neighborhood. That means it becomes more diversified, it puts more people on the street and it increases the senses of activity as well as the feeling of security by having more people around all the time."

Weiss said downtown housing could help elderly people who have a hard time getting around. The downtown already has great shopping, restaurants and a grocery store. He said housing would be a great addition to improving the area and the economy. Weiss said the historic White Hall may be looked at for future housing.

Currently, the DDA is working with the Sonora Institute to help with the survey and research. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and will close on December 20th. However, research in the area won't be complete until March.

Residents can pick up a paper copy of the survey at the DDA office or fill it out online. To take the survey, visit: http://www.downtowngj.org/

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