District 51 internet/phone services out

Mesa County Valley School District 51 is dealing with some 'technical difficulties' this afternoon. A construction crew working at the Administrative offices accidentally cut the line that feeds internet to the entire district.

The Bresnan Communications Fiber wire was cut - stopping internet and digital phone service, but Superintendent Steve Shultz says parents shouldn't panic.

Each school has an analog phone line hooked into fax machines that the District is using to communicate.

In addition, two way wireless radios are at each school with a direct connection to a school safety resource officer.

Local police and fire departments have been notified of the situation and are able and willing to help.

Parent's won't be able to call the school. If you have an urgent matter that you need addressed immediately, Schultz says to go directly to the school.

Cell phones are being used by teachers and staff to communicate with the district. But they cannot call out from the building.

There is no estimate when the services will be restored.

Because of the interruption in service, the "Back to School" speech being delivered by President Obama will be shown to District 51 students at a later time, possibly tomorrow.