Dual Immersion Academy enrollment growing

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Living with a foot in two worlds is a benefit some parents want for their kids, so the opportunity to attend a school which features a bi-lingual learning environment is one they want to take advantage of. That's certainly the case in Grand Junction as a long line of families are on the enrollment waiting list at Dual Immersion Academy.

The learning environment at dual immersion academy has become so popular, it has changed how students are enrolled, setting up a lottery system so everyone has a chance.

71, that's how many families are hoping to enroll their children in the Dual Immersion Academy and Monica Heptner, Principal of Dual Immersion Academy, says it’s growing, "last year we saw a big jump in the interest level and this year we actually have more parents than last year showing interest in enrolling their child to dual immersion".

As the competition for enrollment has become greater, school officials moved from a first come, first served system to a lottery. Making one mom feel lucky she got her son in class before having to leave it up to fate for her other children.

"I feel very lucky that we have a spot for our oldest son, which in turn makes a spot, it is a sibling preference school, so our twins will also be able to attend this school and i won't have to wait in line”, said Erica Gardner, a Dual Immersion Student Mother.

Meanwhile school authorities say the increased enrollment at dual immersion has been caused by several factors, but the main one is more parents wanting to create a bigger world for their child.

"we are moving into a globalized community, you know people will think about what will help their child be prepared for the future, and by speaking another language you always have that additional opportunity, you know when you come down to interviewing for jobs", said Heptner.

The open enrollment process closed today at 4, the lottery will be held April 19th.
Officials say the available slots will be split fairly between 26 Spanish speaking families and 26 English speaking families, making for a total of 52 students for the next kindergarten school year.

If you're interested in enrolling your child in the Dual Immersion Academy next year, we've posted information about their registration policy on our web channel below.