Everybody's a 'wiener' at the Dachshund dash

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- His name, Sid-Vicious.

"This is his second year, and he's a winner both times," said Sid-Vicious' owner Rebecca Ortego.

And he's been training like it's nobody's business.

"We live on 40 acres, and he’s constantly chasing after my huge American Bulldog," said Ortego.

He's been preparing for that one moment when this team claims its championship for the second time.

"I’ve been talking so much crap. I’m glad I don’t have to eat my words," said Ortego.

And Sid isn't the only "wiener" of the day.

"Ali-Eska won first place for the minis," said Ali-Eska’s owner Pete Keegan.

There were three categories for the race: puppy, mini and standard. Even though Ali-Eska missed out last year, she's been training in the off-season.

"She runs really well at the park for a ball. We have a tennis ball that she just loves. It’s kind of our secret weapon, don’t tell anybody," said Keegan.

These wiener dog races only take place once a year and only here on the Western Slope.

"Every year it just keeps building and building with success. It's crazy," said the race coordinator Roxi.

You may hear Roxi on the radio, but what you may not know is that the voice of 95-Rock and Mix 104.3 is the coordinator for the annual wiener dog races.

"We only do it during October-fest because October-fest is a German festival, so therefore wiener dogs are German," said Roxi.

And win or lose, everyone has a hot-doggin good time.

"They are so cute and they are little sausages that run for their life on a track that seems to be forever for them, but it’s not because it's only 40 feet long," said Roxi.

After those forty feet, these foot longs are dog-tired and ready to reap their rewards.

"She just gets to play with her squeaky ball. We haven't let her have it the last day or so, now she gets to have it, and she'll be squeaking all the way home," said Keegan.

"He’s probably going to have a couple of treats and celebrate a little bit," said Ortego.

For the dogs it’s squeaky toys and Scooby snacks; for their owners, Chow Down Healthy Pet Supplies provides $75 for first-place winners in every category, $50 for second place and $25 for third place.

If you are interested in entering the wiener dog races next year, email Roxi at roxi@townsquaremedia.com