Food delivery on a budget

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. During the week, several non-profits in the valley bring pre-prepared meals to seniors in the community who are unable to get to them themselves.

And now the Food Taxi is doing what they can to pick up the rest of the slack.

"With the delivery fee and everything and ordering regular entrees it can get kind of expensive for someone whose on a fixed income," says owner of Food Taxi, Sean Petty. "[We] started thinking about what else can we do to help the seniors specifically."

They decided to launch two new programs, Grocery Taxi and Senior Food Taxi.

Grocery Taxi will be a grocery delivery service. Users will place an order and the groceries will be delivered to their home.

Senior Food Taxi serves to cover the days the non-profits don't.

"This is a program for seniors who are taking advantage of the meal programs who are out there during the week," says Petty. "They get food delivered from a couple of different non-profits in the area, but on the weekends there is no service for them."

Food Taxi will publish a monthly menu calendar and recipients can let them know which entrees they want. The dinners are then delivered right to their front door for just $5 a meal.

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