De Beque checks yes to recreational marijuana sales

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DE BEQUE, Colo. Every vote counted in De Beque's municipal election Tuesday with only four votes deciding the future of recreational marijuana sales in the town.

69 voters were in favor of the measure and 65 were against it.

Those who checked off no said they're nervous for what the drug could bring into the small town.

I just think it's just too much trouble that they're going to get into here," Arbilla Kiser said.

Supporters said the town really needs the money pot shops would bring in, especially with De Beque being the only Mesa County municipality to approve recreational marijuana sales.

"Instead of driving out of town to get it, you'll get it right here," Darrel Kuhn said. "I think the town needs some money and this is one way to get it."

There's a moratorium on recreational marijuana sales in De Beque until June 30 to allow town leaders to come up with rules and regulations.

The town board will meet Thursday at 1 p.m. to discuss the approved measure.

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