Deadly days ahead for teen drivers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- New research reveals these next few months are among the deadliest days for your teenage driver.

Federal data shows deaths of teenage drivers nationwide have increased by 19% in the first six months of 2012.

And the Colorado State Patrol has seen a rise in fatal car crashes as well.

"Recently, we have had a spike in fatalities on our roadways, including myself, I've covered three fatal crashes in the last three weeks," said Dan Chermok of The Colorado State Patrol.

AAA has found seven of the ten deadliest days for teens fall in the summer months and many are likely party weekends.

The most recent data available says some of the days are the last Saturday in June, two days of the July 4th weekend and a Sunday in late August.

Experts say distracted driving is becoming an increasing problem among teens behind the wheel. The State Patrol says it's hard to determine distracted driving as the cause of an accident when a victim dies.

"Sadly enough, recently we've had a few teens that are on a fatal scene and we can't exactly determine why, but distracted driving, could very well be the cause," said Chermok.

According to officials, the best way to keep your teen safe is to be vigilant about communicating with your teen.

"We would ask parents to remind their teenagers that there's a lot of people affected if they are in a crash. There's a lot of people that love them and care about them. That they might not be thinking about when they are out driving," said Chermok.

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