Pew poll: Romney tied with Obama post-debate

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With just four weeks until Election Day, a new poll shows Mitt Romney receiving a large boost after his performance against President Obama in last week's debate.

The Pew Research Center reports that Romney has nationally drawn even with the president among registered voters (46 percent to 46 percent) after trailing by 9 points (42 percent to 51 percent) in September.

Among likely voters, Romney holds a 4 point edge (49 percent to 45 percent) over Obama.

Sixty-six percent of registered voters say Romney did a better job in last week's debate, compared with only 20 percent who gave the nod to the president.

The poll also found that Romney’s personal image has improved among registered voters.

His favorable rating is up to 50 percent, the Pew Research Center finds.

The president, meantime, saw his favorable rating decline to 49 percent from a 55 percent rating last month.

The survey also found Romney tied 44 percent to 44 percent with Obama on being a strong leader, overcoming a 13 point gap on that measure just last month.

According to the Denver Post, President Obama still holds a slim lead with Colorado voters.