Debate over air tanker fleet rages on

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Last year's wildfires in the state of Colorado, coupled with the current fires burning right now in the state, have fueled much debate over a Colorado air tanker fleet.

A bipartisan-supported bill to create the fleet was signed into law this last legislative session. Now, the main issue with the bill comes down to funding, as the project would need about $17 million.

The bill's sponsor, Senator Steve King, says the bill and its funding need to be top priority for the state.

"This has to be a clear and present danger; that it is priority one for this governor and for this legislator to wake up and smell the smoke in the air and do something about it," says King.

King says the bill could be funded by asking different state groups to pitch in, saying many hands make light work.

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