Decision 2012; What the winners mean to Western Colorado

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The voters have spoken, and the winning candidates are now set to begin working on our local issues, with plans to create jobs, further energy and improve education.

In the 2012 Presidential election, Americans decided against a change in the White House, giving four more years to President Obama to run the country and hopefully fix some of the economic hardships facing many American families.

But at the local level, some new faces will be representing us in the coming years. Rose Pugliese is the newly elected county commissioner in district three, where work begins to make Mesa
County as business friendly as possible, she says, by cutting back on excessive government regulations.

"I had wanted to establish a business advisory committee of different business owners in this community to tell us what regulations are holding them back," Pugliese said.

Over in district one, newcomer John Justman also has a plan to get local businesses off the ground.

"We want to work to attract business here if we can, also we need to work with the sheriff's department, they need a little help, because a safe community attracts business, and that means jobs,” Justman said.

In the state house, voters are keeping Representative Ray Scott in his District 55 seat.

"I've promised to work on some senior issues on the homestead exemption, we need to try to get the natural gas vehicles starting to move," Scott said.

Another main focus for Scott will be education.

“K- 12 is so important, we want to make sure that the money gets to the classroom, to the teachers and in the classroom, we don't want to see money floating all over the place for non- sensical things that are not needed," Scott said.

But in District 54, Jared Wright takes over Laura Bradford's old seat.

"Our jobless rate continues to rise, I believe that we need to cut down on the corruption that is going on even in Mesa County," Wright said.

Wright's campaign was a long one, full of controversy, but now that it's over one of his principal goals will be fighting the effects of Obamacare on our local market.

"We are looking at the biggest tax increase on the middle class in American history in the form of Obamacare, we are looking at putting the government between doctors and the patients, we’re looking at what I believe is going to be egregious to Coloradans," Wright said.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, district three re- elects Republican Scott Tipton, who says energy is the way to get the economy rolling again in Western Colorado.

"This is going to be a great opportunity moving forward to be able to press that legislation, create those jobs and get our people back to work," Tipton said. “To be able to create energy security right here in the United States, and I believe that in our district we can play a very important role in achieving that."

All the representatives said job creation is extremely important to them, and that Republicans and Democrats working together will be a key part of putting people back to work.

The newly elected officials will take office in just under two months at the beginning of January.

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