Decorate your tree both festive and safe

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Whether you chop your tree down on BLM land or pick it up from your neighborhood tree lot this year, there are several things you can do to preserve the life of your tree and make it both festive and safe for the whole family.

For those with little ones running around, or who may have young visitors this holiday season, it might be a good idea to be sure to decorate your tree with them in mind.

Local shop owner and mom Natasha Watts said she is able to maintain an elegant decor while keeping her treed kid friendly.

"You know glass ornaments you can put up higher but the acrylics work really well down low and then you can mix them and they all work," said Watts.

And Boy Scout Troop Master Tom Foot said his main concern is fire.

"If they are getting old and frayed or if they are cracked then you just want to replace them, lights are just not very expensive and so the major thing is you don't want to put anything on there that will catch on fire," said Foot.

Watt said when you do decide to deck the halls it may help to get the kids involved to prevent curiosity that could lead to future safety hazards.

"You know some of these plush animals like the sock monkeys something that would interest the kids, you know get them focused on that one thing that might help and distract them from the rest of the tree because you know hanging little things like that is cute," said Watts.

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