Defense rests in double murder case against Nemnich

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - The defense has rested in the murder trial of Jerry Nemnich.

Nemnich, who is accused of the 1975 stabbing deaths of Linda Benson and her daughter Kelly, took the stand in his own defense Friday morning. After his testimony and recounting of that night, the jury was dismissed for the weekend.

Nemnich says he was at a bar that night and gave a ride to a man he met there to an apartment complex to pick up marijuana. He waited for the man for 15 minutes, had to use the restroom and went in search of the stranger inside the complex. He says he went in Linda Benson's open door because he heard voices when he was confronted by someone with a knife. The two struggled and in the process Nemnich was cut on the hand. The stranger fled and Nemnich put the knife in the sink.

It was then, he testified, that he noticed the bodies of Linda and Kelly. He checked them for a pulse, wasn't able to find one, and since he was already a convicted felon, the fled the scene, fearing he'd be blamed.

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