Defensive fire training for GJ Fire

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The newest members of the Grand Junction fire department give the flames a go at Thursday's live fire training.

Fire officials put together the live fire training for members of the team who haven't had as much exposure to fires this season.

Firefighters helped put out flames that reached upwards of ten feet to practice defensive firefighting tactics.

“We have a couple newer guys in the department that we go through yearly evals and yearly trainings and they didn't have the opportunity to get a lot of live fire yet, so we were able to provide this as a method for them to train to better their skills, “ says Derek Trombetta of the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Thursday's fire was meant to teach firefighters how to extinguish flames without entering buildings and to deal with fire that spreads to surrounding structures.

Live fire trainings are the most accurate way of simulating potential on the job situations, and fire officials say they're fortunate to have these opportunities.

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