Del Taco giving back before grand opening

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – They have spent months building and training. Now the first Del Taco on the Western Slope is just about ready to open its doors here in Grand Junction.

The Del Taco employees are fired up for their public opening, which will happen on midnight on Jan. 23. They will be one of the only places in Grand Junction that will have a drive thru open 24 / 7.

The company employees over 60 people, who are using the last days before the store opens to perfect the menu. They say they're doing something special with the practice food.

"We’re putting it all together, and the homeless shelter is coming to pick it up in the day time around 2 o'clock, and then for the afternoon section we're doing the same thing, and then we're hand delivering it to them," says Jesse Blair, General Manager of Del Taco Grand Junction.

All the food that is prepared correctly is going to Homeward Bound on North Street.

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