UPDATE: Security back to normal at Denver airport

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DENVER (AP) -- Security wait times are back to normal at Denver International Airport following a backlog created by a problem with the airport's automated trains.

Wait times reached an hour earlier Friday, causing some people to miss their flights.

The trains that take passengers from the main terminal to their gates were stopped briefly Friday morning, likely because of a software problem. Passengers were funneled through one security checkpoint and some were bused to their concourses until the trains were able to start running normally again.

The trains were kept running manually for a time but they weren't able to run as fast, and couldn't move as many passengers as they normally do.

The airport is the fifth-busiest in North America.


DENVER (AP) -- People traveling through Denver's airport should probably allow some more time to make their flights.

Some travelers are being bused to their flights Friday because of problems with the automated train system that connects the terminal to the airport's concourses.

All travelers are being funneled through the security checkpoint in concourse A on Friday. People who have flights leaving from concourses B and C are taking buses to their flights after going through security.

Trains were stopped for a short period Friday morning because of a software problem. Spokeswoman Laura Coale said they are running again manually but they are moving slower, making them unable to carry their normal volume of passengers.

She said she wasn't aware of any passengers missing their flights because of the problem.

KKCO 11 News anchor/reporter Taylor Temby is at DIA now, and she's sent us pictures from inside the airport. Check them out by clicking the picture to the right.

Taylor Temby was on a train when they broke down.
She and hundreds of others were then herded out of them.
Thousands are now stranded, waiting to be bussed to their plane.

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