Denver zoo staffers perform CPR on baby tapir

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DENVER (CNN) -- An amazing animal rescue at the Denver Zoo was caught on tape.

A female tapir was in labor when Denver Zoo staffers, who were watching in another room, noticed something was wrong.

Zoo staffer Rebecca McCloskey and veterinarian Gwen Jankowski rushed in to help the newborn. They were forced to break open the amniotic sac and perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

And with just a few short breaths, the baby tapir was able to breath on his own.

They've named him Dumadi, which is the Indonesian word for “becoming.”

It was the first time that the baby tapir has been introduced to its new exhibit and the first time a newborn animal has had to be resuscitated at the Denver Zoo. Thankfully, mom and baby are doing just fine.

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