District 50 budget cuts hurt athletics

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DELTA, Colo. District 50's budget cuts create major setbacks for its athletic department for the upcoming school year.

Delta athletics were on the top of the District 50 School Board meeting in Crawford Thursday evening.

A loss of over 400 students to District 50 schools prompted at $1.75 million dollar education cut, with $50,000 dollars coming out of the activity and athletics fund.

“We have two tennis teams currently we are combining to one. We have two golf teams we are combining to one. We are doing some reductions that are necessary in order to make our budget,” says Kurt Clay of District 50.

On the chopping block at Thursday's meeting was the countywide girl's swim team that runs out of Delta High School.

Officials want to provide kids in school District 50 with alternatives for sports that are being cut, so they've arranged for them to participate with Montrose athletics.

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