District 51 dropout rate on the downswing

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. School dropout rates are decreasing in districts across Colorado and District 51 is one of them.

2.8% of students in District 51 dropped out in 2013, which is down .1% from 2012.

"That .1 drop may not seem significant, but remember for every 1% of 9,000, that's 90 students, so .1% that means nine more students that we saved than the year before," said William Larsen, a District 51 employee.

Back in 2011 the dropout rate was up at 3.4% for District 51.

This trend mirrors the state, which is seeing its lowest dropout rate since 2003, 2.5%.

More students are taking advantage of options to use more time to earn their high school diplomas, while the on-time graduation rate decreases slightly.

In District 51, 77.6% of students graduated on time in 2013.

This is down from 77.7% in 2012, but overall, 2012 and 2013 saw a two percent increase from the on-time graduation rate back in 2011, which was 75.5%.

81.3% of students earned their high school diplomas within five years last year, which is nearly a two percent increase from 79.% in 2011.

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