District 51 increases safety measures after Newtown tragedy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - The Newtown shooting prompted many parents to take their children out of school, but District 51 is doing all they can to ensure the highest amount of safety is in place.

"You come to school to learn, and you drop your children off every day hoping that they'll come home to you because you don't have them in that amount of time," said Amber Maez, a mother of four children.

One of her little ones is a kindergartener, and the Connecticut tragedy really hit home for her.

"Parents are concerned. They're their babies," said D51 safety director Tim Leon. "They want to make sure that their students are safe, and we want to do the same thing."

The district is taking necessary precautions by continued presence of on-campus counselors and increased patrolling in and around schools.

"We're doing what we do every day on a daily basis," said Kate Porras of the GJPD. "We are looking at the policies that we have in place, making sure that they're being enforced and working in the schools, and then deciding if there's anything we need to do to change that."

But for Amber, the flashbacks of Newtown still remain. "It's just scary that he had those types of guns and was able to force his way into the building, when the same situation could happen at any school, even my school, or the school my children go to."

"We're all thinking about 'Could this happen here?' and we just want the community to know that we are very proactive," said Porras.

The district is looking into their current policies and procedures and evaluating them in the current situation. Police officials will continue to take it day by day with the increased patrol throughout the school areas.

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