District 51 students head back to class

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Students may still have their summer tans, but the bell rang at all District 51 schools and students piled back into the halls.

Although the bell rang earlier this year than in the past parents, teachers and administrators at Nisley Elementary School said they're looking forward to the new schedule.

"It'll give us more time with the kids and it will just give the kids a longer amount of time for more structure," Cady Boylan, Teacher.

"As much as it cut the summer short i think it was a very good thing and I liked it a lot," Sandahl Meraz, Parent.

Sandahl Meraz sent her two sons off to Nisley while one of them is in third grade her kindergartner is getting his first elementary school experience. They spent the day testing his knowledge on numbers, spelling and reading to figure out the best teacher for him.

Along with new students there are also three new teachers at Nisley this year. Staff welcomed kindergarten, first and fourth grade teachers to the school.

"Teachers range from 27 years to brand new it's a family we all work together and we all support each other," Crystal Stephenson, Assistant Principal.

Another brand new addition to Nisley is the cafeteria that was under construction this summer. Now there are two entrances making lunch time faster and more organized.

With all the changes and new faces assistant principal Crystal Stephenson said the first day was a success.

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