District 54 debate

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The Redlands Rotary hosted a debate between the candidates for Colorado State Representative, today at the Redlands Mesa Golf Course. As many voters have voiced concern regarding Wright's recent absence from the public eye, he hoped to shed light on his situation at today's debate.

"It's been a difficult situation," said Republican State Representative Candidate Jared Wright.

He said there have been legal obstacles to overcome.

"I've been forced into a situation with legal issues, and politics and it's unfortunate because it has been my goal all along to be public, said Wright."

A court battle was recently resolved between Wright and his previous employer the Fruita Police Department. He said the case made it difficult for him to be in the public eye, as he was unable to answer many questions during that time.

"I think was an appropriate decision and I am able to move forward with this campaign, said Wright."

Today members of the Redlands Rotary were able to get a better idea of each of the candidates' positions. Organizers said they were pleased to host both of the candidates, especially since Wright has not made it out to other public forums.

"No, he's welcome to be here just like any other candidate would be and we won't treat him any different than we would anybody, said Rotary member Paul Nelson."

Libertarian opponent Tim Menger said he worked hard to cooperate with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce but, they did not endorse this race.

"I feel I should have deserved a little more respect besides, well you are a third party so we are going to throw you on the bottom with your opponent, who didn't even think you were important enough to show up, said Menger."

Wright said he felt the decision not to endorse was appropriate.

"I'm not taken back by it and I don't think an employer in the private sector should offer someone a reference they don't know." Wright went on to say. "I don't have a track record yet, I haven't had a chance to serve."

With 40 days left until the election both Menger and Wright plan to reach out to the voters. Wright plans to continue his door to door efforts, while Menger says he doesn't plan on spending a bunch of money, but rather make impressions on voters through debates like the one today.

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