Doctor helps smokers, unhealthy people change lives

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Danielle Barnes had been smoking a pack of day for the past seven years, but with one look at her scan on a heart rate variable machine, she knew that had to change.

"I can see now that if I go out and smoke a cigarette I have less energy for my kids when in turn I need more energy, so not smoking gives me more energy to do it," Barnes said.

Barnes is being treated at White Buffalo Medicine where Dr. Kay Patterson uses the heart rate variable machine to show how much oxygen gets depleted from the body with a single cigarette or any kind of inadequate nutrition.

"Seeing this system that Dr. Kay has and realizing that it depleted so much of me, so I switched to the e-cigarette and it's nice to see that there's actually so much of a change," Barnes said.

Dr. Kay said while people think they're reducing their stress by smoking, the habit is actually doing the opposite.

"The body does not have the oxygen, so it's not registering in the mind to the heart or the circulation systems, so it stresses it out more," she said. "It triggers the brain, which says I have a lot of stress I need more, so then you go out and smoke again."

Dr. Kay uses light therapy, auriculotherapy, massage therapy, detox foot baths and other natural methods to help people kick their habit, while also improving their overall health.

"Let them know what their body is really saying," she said. "What signals are happening, what we can do in order to give them more energy and help produce the type of life that they really want."

She also helps people struggling with low energy like Yvette Caldwell was before starting therapy.

"To be able to actually see what you're eating and the lack of oxygen, knowing that you're not really doing what you need to do to better your health and better your life was really interesting to see," Caldwell said.

You can contact White Buffalo Medicine at 970-812-6974.

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