Doctors urge patients to get HPV vaccine

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Many doctors are urging patients to get the HPV vaccination, and some are giving it to patients as young as 11.

Nearly 11,000 women are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer caused by HPV, and nearly 4,000 die from it.

"The recommended ages for the HPV vaccine... are 11 and 12 and go all the way up to 26, and the HPV vaccine is in a three dose series, so that's important to remember as well," said Tamara Capp at the Mesa County Health Department.

The latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control show that 45 percent of women age 14 to 19 are infected with the HPV virus.

Some side effects of the HPV vaccination include a fever, dizziness or difficulty breathing.

The vaccine is for both men and women, and according to the CDC, 20 million people are infected with HPV. There is no cure, but there are treatments, and in some cases the virus goes away on its own.

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