Dog owners speak out about reported pit bull attack

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Another pit bull attack has one family nervous about the breed and another defending it.

Dee Keates said a pit bull attacked her chow, Maggie, when they were outside last Thursday morning on the 300 block of Ouray Ave.

"Out of nowhere, this dog swooped and grabbed Maggie by the neck and pulled her right away," Keates said. "Maggie I don't even think saw it coming. I started screaming at the dog and I kept kicking it trying to get it away from my dog and she was dragged across the street."

Maggie's leg was injured requiring stitches, but Keates said her life was saved by all her hair, which prevented the pit bull from latching onto her neck, she said.

"She couldn't get a good grip," Keates said. "She did however get her leg and tore I think it was about an inch and a half and when we took her to the vet. They shaved it and you could see all the tendons and it was very bad. She has stitches, she has medication. They had to do surgery."

However, the pit bull's owner, Elizabeth Walton, said she didn't see the scenario play out and she's also not sure how the dog got out from the fenced-in yard.

"I looked out my window and all I saw was a couple people over here on the corner," Walton said. "I saw my dog, this black dog here, just bolting back over toward my house with her tail tucked and her ears pinned just terrified."

The dog, named Pig, had never shown signs of aggressive behavior before and the breed shouldn't have such a bad reputation, Walton said.

"Everything that she's ever been around she's been friendly and loving toward," she said. "Babies, little kids, cats, other dogs. These dogs of course have this stigma attached to them and they're really just wonderful dogs."

Mesa County Animal Services is investigating the incident.

In a statement, the organization said it has issued a mandatory court summon for failure to control the dog and dog at large to Elizabeth Walton.

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