Don't fall for the grandparent scam

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. "He said grandma I'm in jail in Mexico City," Bobbie Tallarico.

When Bobbie Tallarico got that call she said all she wanted to do was find a way to help her grandson David. The caller had the answer for her, but it required a hefty amount of money.

"To get a court date we need $1,000 otherwise he's going to have to stay in jail four to six weeks," Tallarico.

She said the caller, who pretended to be David, kept stressing to only send cash through a wire transfer and not to tell anyone until he was released from jail to spare him the embarrassment.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department the best thing you can do is say no until you get more information. This comes from experience as it isn't the first grandparent scam reported in town.

Sergeant Stan Ancell has some tips to follow:

1. If you're getting a call from what claims to be a jail do your own research and call the jail because they never request a wire transfer for inmates.

2. Remember to get the name of the city and the address for the transfer.

3. Try calling your family to see if you can locate your grandchild.

This isn't the only scam going around town, the GJPD has been getting reports of people getting calls saying they have to pay off an unknown debt or there will be a warrant out for their arrest. Officers said there is no longer a debt crime and people can't be arrested for that, so don't fall into that trap.

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