Double check your ballot

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The latest polls show a neck and neck race for the Presidential election and this has some residents worried about any potential errors at the polls on election day.

However, those at the election center want to assure voters they are doing everything they can to ensure a fair election.

"In every election we have to test our equipment very thoroughly," said Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner.

One local resident said she had an issue when she went to the polls.

"I voted for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama came up and I thought I didn't vote for him so I pushed it again," said Mesa county resident Joanne Mingus.

Mingus said she's worried that the touch screen machines could cause problems at the polls tomorrow.

"I'm not young but I'm very observant, and some people aren't you know and so that could make a difference in the election," said Mingus.

Officials at the election center said in the event that the wrong candidate is selected you must first de-select that candidate before selecting the candidate you want to vote for.

Reiner said that the polling machines were thoroughly tested. However, the machines are ten years old. Reiner suggests everyone voting double check their vote before submitting it.

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