Dreaming of gold

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. We're heading towards then end of the Winter Olympics and the United States has gone gold-medal crazy.

We've all spent hours watching, often in awe, cheering on team USA... but did you know there are local athletes, right here in Grand Junction with Olympic dreams of their own?

"I'm about halfway there," says 16-year-old Selena Kelly. "I'm doing doubles now, I'm starting my triples I almost have some down."

Kelly has been skating since for ten years and is already sweeping competitions across the state, grabbing 1st or 2nd place medals in every event she has entered.

"When I started I just fell in love with it," says Kelly "When I'm on the ice I don't have cares in the world, it just takes my mind off of everything."

Kelly skates at Glacier Ice Arena in Grand Junction along with about 20 other girls, including 18-year-old Kiana, Kiki, Ziola.

"I really like performing and I've thought about trying out for Disney on Ice," says Ziola. "I'm a learn to skate instructor here at the rink voluntarily and I'm shadowing my coach too."

The skaters at Glacier train hard on and off the rink, but they say the fun is never overshadowed by the work.

"Skating is just something that I love to do," says Ziola. "It's my outlet and my passion and it has been ever since I started skating."

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