Drive High, Get a DUI

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Recreational pot has been legal in Colorado since the first of the year, but now the Department of Transportation and law enforcement across the state is cracking down on drivers getting behind the wheel while high.

Specially trained drug recognition experts are taught how to spot stoned drivers, and as of today the Western Slope is getting a few more.

On the front range today, 20 state troopers graduated from the DRE Program, and two of those officers will be heading to the Western Slope to join several others already hard at work.

"What we're looking for is whether the person who's operating that motor vehicle can do so safely," says Grand Junction Police Sergeant and 10 year DRE, Richard Roquemore. "And whether they're showing signs of impairment."

With the graduation of the 20 CSP troopers today, there are now more than 70 drug recognition experts in Colorado State Patrol alone.

The two troopers coming back over to the Western Slope will join three other DRE's at the Grand Junction Police Department as experts in their field.

In just the month of January, CSP dealt with 60 marijuana-related DUI's.

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