E-readers dropped off in D51 schools

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Shelledy Elementary students got a big surprise today, when the District 51 Foundation dropped off Nook tablets to use in the classroom.

The D51 Foundation raised funds this fall to purchase 500 E-Readers that are being distributed to elementary schools throughout the district.

The foundation board identified reading, technology and careers as three of the primary goals to put funding toward in the schools.

Foundation board member, Roy Blythe, said successes in those areas begins with reading.

"We think that learning in the children's careers and children get turned on by technology and reading is one of the basis of all of their learning so we hope teaching them to read and using technology will help test scores," said Blythe.

The board has not come up with the next project but members said foundation projects and fundraising will continue.

Blythe said one of his long term goals is to create an endowment for ongoing funding that can go toward special needs in the district.

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