Earlier school schedule hurts some businesses

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) District 51 kids went back to school weeks early this year and while that might be helping your daycare budget it's hurting some businesses.

Kids are spending most of their day in school, which means families aren't out spending as much with some seasonal attractions. While the engines are still firing up at 'Bananas' many of the go kart seats are empty as kids put summer fun activities aside for schoolbooks.

"School starting early this year, we have seen a big drop off in our business", said Travis Baier, Rimrock Adventures Owner.
"Of course on the weekdays it does hurt a little bit", said Josh Felix, Bananas Manager.

That hurt is a few less dollars in the coffer which has been noticeable for business owners like Baier of Rimrock Adventures. Baier says the rough waters his business is battling through at the moment are part of the new school schedule.

"We will probably close up a week or two earlier, which means I won't employ my guides as long as I had in the past", said Baier.

The flood of kids and families to places like bananas and Rimrock adventures as also gone down to a trickle at area pools.

"I think that parents are letting the kids know that their main priority right now is school and homework, so we are definitely not as busy and June and July", said Pete Ashman, GJ Parks & Rec. Recreation Coordinator.

But even with school in session summer isn't totally over for families looking for fun on the weekends.

“School takes up a lot of time, but we still try to find time to do a lot of things, like hitting up the pool or hanging with friends", said Jeremiah Wickre, Student.

And Businesses say there is plenty of rush on those days off.

“Everything just gets pushed to the weekends and everyone likes to come on Saturdays", said Felix.

Businesses say there is one saving grace, not all schools are back in session and they're still getting a lot of tourist traffic. Some of those fun attractions however are offering up great deals to get you in the door.

Bananas changed their 10 dollar Tuesday to Friday night just for the school schedule. The Lincoln Park pool summer passes don't expire until after Labor Day so there is still some time to get out to the pool.

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