Voting officials warn of fraud, intimidation tactics

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It's been one of the most heated election season's ever, which is why officials are warning voters to be on high alert for intimidation and fraud.

Officials see everything from fliers posted in neighborhoods telling one party to vote on Wednesday and the other on Tuesday, to reports of phone calls in some states telling voters to vote over the phone instead of in person, and even letters that appear to be signed by election officials but aren't, questioning your citizenship or voter status.

"If I got a call like that knowing I was registered, it would probably make me a little upset," Grand Junction resident Max Chamberlain said.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner said there's been a similar complaint here.

"One rumor that we had reported to us was that there was letters going around telling people that their registration had expired, but that's not possible, if you're registered you're registered," Reiner said. She said knowing your rights can keep you from being fooled, and if you have a question, just call the elections office and ask.

"As long as you are 18 years of age, you're a citizen of the United States and you've lived in this county for thirty days, you have the right to vote and have your vote counted," she said.

Something Chamberlain said he'd be sure to do before ever letting himself be bullied away from the polls.

"I know my rights, if I had any questions I'd call and find out for sure, I wouldn't let it discourage me from just going, especially this year with this election being so important," Chamberlain said.

The clerk’s office has not seen a copy of the letter that is rumored to be going around, so right now it is just that, a rumor, but if you see an intimidation tactic like that, make sure to not let it keep you from the voting booths this Tuesday.

According to the office, the only way your registration could actually be canceled is if you were inactive for three general elections, which takes more than six years, and as long as you checked in with them you would have simply been re- registered.

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