Elementary schoolers learn the ABCs of bike safety

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FRUITA, Colo. One Fruita elementary school has partnered with Grand Valley bikes for the last four years to bring kids bicycle safety training before they hit the trails.

Shelledy Elementary School continued their colorado department of transportation's Safe Routes to School Program by hosting their 4th annual bicycle rodeo today.

Instructors walked the riders through hand signals, stopping drills, and most importantly, proper helmet fitting and placement.

"More and more kids after this event have really realized the importance of wearing helmet and you know to fit it properly," says Abigail Slingsby.

Grand Valley bikes will be working with Gunnison and Montrose county schools to help spread the Safe Routes to School Program all over the Western Slope.

It's the hope of program leaders and school officials that bike safety training will motivate kids to stay healthy and active.

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