Firefighers tackle multilevel emergency for training

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Grand Junction firefighters gear up to take on an emergency training simulation that will prepare them for fires in multilevel commercial buildings.

Fire trucks responded within minutes to a call described over dispatch as a third floor fire at 544 Rood-- the Old County Courthouse.

Responders didn't turn on the fire engine lights, but once firefighters arrived on scene, every other aspect of the simulation was very real.

"They'll be using their size-up skills, be able to look at the situation and formulate an incident plan of action," said training officer Mike Gazdak.

Three companies took on the simulation, two companies took the hose into the building to investigate the simulated fire, while the other one was on the roof, developing rescue and ventilation strategies.

"This is actually one of the first night drills; we did a couple in houses last year, but never actually on a large commercial structure," said Firefighter Derek Trombetta.

The simulation took about 30 minutes, including response time and evacuation.

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