Employer outreach fair places young adults in jobs

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Many high school students need direction and don't know what their next step is after graduation. Good news for them is there's a great resource right in our backyard to help push them in the best direction.

Hundreds of students and young adults took advantage of the School to Work Alliance Program's Employer Outreach Fair to get a head start on their future.

Nearly 300 people attended the job fair and along with learning how to fill out applications and write an attention grabbing resume, they learned other important parts to standing out to an employer.

"Definitely dress good and make sure you speak up and shake hands firm and make eye contact is really important and let them know why you think you're good for that job," Drake Edwards, Student.

SWAP helps connect 16 to 25 year olds with mild to moderate disabilities, whether they be physical or mental, to employers and gives them guidance to stand out to have the best chance at getting a job.

"We try to teach them what a solid work ethic looks like all of these skills that they may or may not get from home," Kehau Martinez, SWAP.

Last year SWAP served more than 300 people and helped 32 get jobs and keep them for at least 90 days. Officials track their clients progress after the first year to see how they're doing and on average they hold jobs for six to 12 months.

Students can also get specialized training in construction, mechanics, health care and even become a florist through the programs offered.

More than 50 employers came out to the event to talk to the students and see if there were any potential employees in the bunch. Officials said at last years fair more than a dozen people walked away from the event with a new job.

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