Empty bowls fundraiser

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A good bowl of hot soup can brighten anyone's rainy day, but for some that may be hard to come by. One local church raised funds to help feed the hungry in our area.

Members of the community showed up in full force today with full hearts and empty bellies, hoping to help those less fortunate and satisfy their own taste buds.

"I"m just here to support the community and come by eat some good soup... and get a soup bowl," said local resident Mark Breen.

Doors opened at 11 this morning, but that didn't stop some local residents from lining up hours in advance.

"The people standing outside, when the rain comes down they raise their umbrellas and when it clears they just stand there and talk and meet new friends," said Sister Karen Bland of the Grand Valley Catholic Church.

Those in attendance donated $25 for an artisan bowl, bottomless soup and dessert.

The bowls were donated by local artists, and the food came from 48 restaurants around the Valley.

For some the event is a family tradition, and the bowls are collectors items.

"We do it as a family event, just the women, we get together and do it every year," said local resident Samantha Sechrist.

But the bowls have a deeper meaning as well.

"As people leave they take the bowl home with them and it is a reminder that it could be their neighbor that could be going hungry and there is a source of food in our Valley," said Sister Bland.

The church hopes to raise $35,000 to be used over the next year to feed, clothe and provide shelter to those in need.

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