Exclusive interview with Colorado's new Senate President, Morgan Carroll

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DENVER, Colo. (KKCO) After two high profile recalls in the Colorado state assembly, a new senate president has quietly taken office following an election by senate democrats.

And she was elected unanimously.

A third generation Coloradan, Morgan Carroll makes up part of the 42% of women in Colorado's general assembly. While most states' legislative bodies are made up mostly of men, that tide has already turned in Colorado.

"Who i really most admire is actually Ansan Suchi in Myanmar and Burma," said carroll, a Democrat from Aurora. "This is a woman who has led a democracy movement in a non violent way who has transformed really a police and military state into a democracy and has done so with great force of wisdom, dignity and courage."

Also on her list of women Carroll most admires, her mom.

Carroll is a Coloradan through and through. She grew up in Colorado. Went to college and law school in the state and has risen quickly into a position of leadership within the chambers of the state capitol.

In fact, Colorado has the highest percentage of women serving in the state legislature.

Carroll hopes the growth of women continues in politics and business. Which is why she speaks highly of the Girls with Goals program at the state senate, which allows grade school girls a hands-on approach to learning how the legislative body works.

"They sit with the senators throughout the day, they get sworn in, they take an oath, they work on bills. So we really want to make sure that young girls and boys know this is an option for them if they want to be a public servant that if they care about the community they shouldn't just assume that its something other people do and we hope to grow a next generation of leaders," said Carroll.

She is a highly motivated mega-achiever, proficient in several languages, well traveled and well educated. She's also the co-founder of the international ethics society.

How has she achieved so much?

When she was a young girl she thought big and dreamt big. That's what she says all young girls and boys should do to achieve whatever they want.

"Just dream big," says Carrol. "You can and will find help. Even if its not obvious how you are going to get where you want to go. You can and will find help. Don't be afraid to ask for it."

Carroll's big dreams and goals have resulted in a successful career. She is viewed by many of her peers as a rising star within Colorado politics that offers a daunting climate and big challenges to anyone of any ability.

"There are whole segments of the state that have been largely left behind on the economic recovery," Carrol said. "I think it's our job to reach out to every corner and figure out what are the right economic development fits for each of the different communities."

Senator Carroll takes over the senate presidency from Senator John Morse, who was recalled last month.

Carroll is the second woman to ever hold the office of Senate President. The first was Joan Fitz-Gerald who was elected to the Colorado senate in 2005.

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