Facebook scam asks residents to fork over $500

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Facebook has opened up peoples lives and made it easier to connect, unfortunately it has also become a hot spot for scammers. One local woman says she still can't believe she nearly lost her husbands paycheck because of it.

Michelle Harlow said she thought her life had changed forever, and said she wouldn't normally fall for something that seemed too good to e true, but when who she thought was a family friend messaged her on Facebook, her hearth filled with hope.

"And I was like are you kidding I was like, this is my husband's best friend's girlfriend so you know I'm going to trust her," said Harlow.

The person behind the fake account told Harlow she won $90,000 dollars and that Harlow was qualified to get the same prize. But Harlow said a red flag went up in her mind when the person asked for a $500 money order.

Harlow found out that her friend hadn't been on Facebook all day, and that she had given personal information to a complete stranger.

Harlow has contacted the Sheriff's Office and said she just wishes she could have gotten the money to help her loved ones.
CMU Mass Communications Professor Adam Cochran said there are ways to protect yourself.

"Lock your Facebook profile down, one of the big things you want to hide are your friends, then even if they create your name or a name similar they cant go through and figure out who your friends are," said Cochran.

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