Fake drug deal sets up suspect

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) -- Western Colorado Drug Task Force investigators set up a fake drug deal to catch a suspect accused of selling synthetic drugs.

Twenty-five-year-old Joseph Bounds of Clifton was arrested late Thursday night for possessing and distributing third generation synthetic drugs known as 25c or 25i.

A Mesa County Sheriff's Office arrest warrant reveals that this week, drug task force officers contacted a confidential informant, who said he/she could arranged the purchase of synthetic drugs from a man known only as "Joey."

Looking at a mug shot of Joseph Bounds, the informant confirmed that Bounds was the drug supplier, the affidavit says.

The informant arranged to purchase distribution amounts of 25i and 25c at Bounds' home, 532 34 Road, Unit A.

After the deal was made, the informant handed the evidence over to investigators. It included a plastic sandwich baggie with two perforated sheets inside, each containing numerous tabs.

The alleged drugs were sent to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation criminalist, who confirmed that both sets were synthetic drugs.

The drug task force then obtained a search warrant and inspected Bounds' home on April 11.

Officers found a concealed safe in his room, containing hundreds of perforated tabs and a large amount of cash, according to the arrest affidavit. They also found drug paraphernalia and sawed-off shotgun in his room.

Bounds was taken into custody and booked into the Mesa County Jail. He told investigators he thought that the substance was legal to possess, the affidavit says.

The synthetic drugs 25c and 25i mimic LSD or ecstasy, and side effects of using them include paranoia, insomnia, confusion, scrambled communication, anxiety, hallucination and more. Each dose is very small --measured in micrograms-- so about six doses would fit on a postage stamp, according to a drug task force release.

The drugs are easy to overdose on, since the effects come on quickly and can overpower a user.

Parents who want to know how to identify the drugs are encouraged to visit Safe Kids America online, where they can see pictures. Click the link below for the website.