Fall lawn preparation: Keeping lawns healthy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Some homeowners take great pride in their lawn, regardless of the season.

"It’s the first thing you see when you drive past our house," said Grand Junction resident Fern Boughton.

Boughton is a Colorado native and has professionals keep up her lawn all year round.

"Spring, summer and fall treatment for my lawn, where they have fertilizer and weed killer so it helps keep the weeds from springing up," said Boughton.

John Halvorson has the most poplar lawn in his neighborhood and has professionals help him as well. However, he has tricks of his own..

"I don't use the fertilizer that has the weed killer in it. I use a pre-emergent in the spring, and then I go around and just hand spray weeds," said Grand Junction resident John Halvorson.

And for good reason.

"We all take pride in our neighborhood and keeping yards looking well," said Halvorson.

Dan Komlo is the owner of Book Cliff Gardens; he knows a thing or two about keeping your grass green during the fall season.

"Irrigation is vital. Without proper irrigation you'll see your lawn stress," said Komlo.

If you're looking to impress the neighbors come spring time, he knows what to do.

"A winterizer fertilizer, which typically goes down at the end of October early November, and it builds up that nutrient reservoir that will be persistent through the winter," said Komlo.

Another tip, aerate your lawn. That'll help with root growth. Using proper fertilizer is very important as well.

Cutting back on watering and irrigation depending on the temperature can make your grass healthier, too. Don't forget, get those leaves off your lawn as soon as possible.

As for Fern, her favorite part about her lawn is to waiting to see the end result.

"It’s just fun to see it grown and take care of it," said Boughton.

Two more tips experts shared: don't cut your grass too short. They recommend not cutting less than two inches. Also, fertilize your lawn twice in the fall and once in the spring.

- Don't use the fertilizer that has the weed killer in it. (resident suggestion)
- Irrigate your lawn
- Use a winterizer fertilizer
- Aerate your lawn
- Use proper fertilizer
- Cutting back on watering and irrigation depending on the temperature
- Rake leaves off lawn
- Don’t cut your grass too short (2 inches)

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