Families look for activities to prevent winter break cabin fever

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Children are halfway through winter break and parents are coming up with activities to do out of the house to beat possible break boredom.

Spin City's skate rink was full of both children and parents burning off energy with the fun form of exercise Sunday.

"It gets us all out doing something fun together instead of just playing inside when it's cold," said Sarah Hecht, who brought her family rollerskating.

The bowling alley and arcade were some of the other stops for families looking to not only take a break from television and video games at home, but also spend some quality time together.

"Have some fun together before school starts back up," said Bonnie Howard, who went bowling with her two sons.

For those looking for a more relaxing activity, Angelo's Paint Your Own Pottery played host to families painting dishes and figurines.

"You got to keep them creative and they are very creative little girls," said Greier Teets, whose daughters enjoyed painting a ceramic mug and dolphin.

The store has been seeing more young artists with winter break in full swing.

"This is a rare day where we don't have the entire studio filled up with kids all over the place," said Justine Roof, of Angelo's.

Angelo's will be hosting children's classes this week for those looking to pick up a new skill during break. You can reserve a spot by calling the store.

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