Family Health West offers free mammograms to women

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FRUITA, Colo. Family Health West is opening their doors to women in need to provide mammograms free of charge, which is helping Holly Padgett who hasn't been able to get a mammogram for the last five years because she can't afford it, "I'm couch surfing right now so for people that are homeless we need stuff like this."

Since breast lumps run in her family she said she's happy Family Health West is offering these screenings so she can make sure she's cancer free.

With insurance mammograms are usually covered 100% under women's wellness, but if you're like one of many women in the Grand Valley without insurance a check up can cost up to $300.

Breast tissue changes often because of hormones making it crucial to the health of women to get their themselves looked at every year.

"Mammograms are really important for women not only if you have a family history of breast history of breast cancer but for those women who have no history of breast cancer," Shauna Blair, Mammography Technician.

Family Health West will be offering free mammograms until they reach their limit of 100 and on Wedesday they only saw about 10 women.

If you're interested in getting a free mammogram just give them a call at (970) 858-9871 to see if you qualify.

The hospital partnered with Marillac Clinic, Latimer House, Catholic Outreach and the Department of Human Services to identify the woman who are uninsured and due for their check ups.

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