Family of 4 year old say possible abuse could have been prevented

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A family said it could be a severe case of child abuse that has a four- year- old boy fighting for his life in the hospital.

KKCO 11 News was the first to break the story, family members telling us that four- year- old Elijah Wallace is in critical condition and isn't expected to survive after they said he was severely beaten, suffering a swollen brain and a broken arm.

Friday, KKCO sat down exclusively with the girlfriend of Elija's father to see how the family is dealing with the tragedy, that she said could have possibly been prevented.

"They weren't completely sure what had happened at that point, he went in for brain surgery, they didn't think that he would make it out of it,” said Elija’s father’s girlfriend, who because of an ongoing investigation asked to remain anonymous.

Elijah has been in the hospital since Sunday, and on Wednesday, the family got some insight as to what happened.

"He was beaten almost to death, outside of that we don't know who it was, we don't know what exactly is going on at this point."

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney both confirmed to KKCO 11 News that they are looking into a child abuse case, but refused to comment further.

Another family member did tell us that Elijhah was with his mother when he was brought to the hospital, and says two other kids, a six- year- old and a one month old, were taken from her home and put into the Department of Human Services Custody.

The six- year- old is also Elijah's father's child, a child his girlfriend says they also reported as being abused almost six months ago.

"We did bring it to the officers and the officers didn't really do much about it, they went and did an interview and just said it was 'rough playing.'"

She said they are frustrated now even more that no action was taken.

I can't even put it into words really. It could have been prevented, it could have been stopped, if measures were taken, this whole thing could have been prevented."

Elija's father asked us not to show his son's picture in the story, and the family said right now it is trying to help law enforcement with its investigation, so they wanted to keep their names out of this story as well.

You can help the family by donating to the Elijah Wallace fund that has been set up at Sears in the Mesa Mall where one of Elija's family members works.

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