Father's Day

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Grand Junction, Colol. (KKCO) --- Many people believe that mom's tend to get most of the spotlight, but today was dedicated to the dads.

All around the world today families spent time celebrating Father's Day. Here in Grand Junction, people were out-and-about, soaking in the sunshine.

Grand Junction father, Tyler Hawkins, spent time at Lincoln Park with his wife, daughter and son.

"We're just relaxing at the park," says Hawkins. "Then we'll go home [and] maybe go out to dinner."

Local business, like Spoons Bistro and Bakery, pulled out all of the stops. Spoons had a special menu and brought a grill outside for diners to enjoy their food out on the patio in the beautiful weather.

Spoons general manager, Melissa Miller, says that while they may change up the menu from year-to-year, they plan to make this an annual event.

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