Favorite summer time food prices are on the rise

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Barbequing is a summertime favorite especially around Independence Day, but this year many Americans have to pay top dollar for most barbeque favorites.

Right here at home everywhere from large grocery store chains to specialty meat markets is feeling the strain of higher beef prices.

"They've really skyrocketed in the last 12 months, I would say they gone up 15% maybe more in some case," said Kathryn Bedell, Owner of the Roan Creek Ranch and store.

Nationally statistics show beef prices for the fourth of July compared with last year are up 16%.

Bedell who owns her own ranch and small grocery store in the valley says she has had to raise her prices twice already to keep up with the cost of beef.

She said the demand for beef has stayed the same but the supply has gone down drastically and a water shortage is to blame.

"The drought in California and Texas are huge."

According to Bedell, the higher prices haven't stopped people from buying beef.

But for Sarah Martinez the rising prices of beef and other grocery products have affected the way she shops.
However she knows that doesn't stop most people from still buying those products.

I think if you want it you’re going to buy it, if it's something that your set on buying then you get and if not the difference," said Martinez.

Beef prices aren't the only items that have gone up significantly since last year, Bloomberg reports the price for tomatoes is up 12% from last year's July 4th, as well as ice cream which is up nearly 2%.

Other favorites that increase around the holiday weekend are white bread, American cheese, Iceberg lettuce and potato chips.

Local meat markets and grocery stores say they don't expect prices to drop too much after the holiday weekend is over.

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